Thuật ngữ kinh tế trong tiếng anh – Phần 4

Lay it on the line: be very direct or frank

  1. I laid it on the line. I told him I didn’t love him anymore.
  2. We’re tired of all the careful words. Just lay it on the line for us.

Back out: change or cancel an agreement or an arrangement

  1. The investors backed out of the contract at the last minute, so we couldn’t go ahead with the building.
  2. I don’t trust her. She often backs out at the last minute.

Get the bugs out: fix any problems in software programs

  1. We have to get the bugs out of this new program before the release date.
  2. This new software engineer can get the bugs out faster than anyone on the

Plug and play: easy to install and easy to use

  1. I’ll be able to have this new program up and running in five minutes. It’s plug and play.
  2. I like their products because they are so easy to use. Everything they made is plug and play.

Make do: complete a task using only the available supplies or people

  1. We don’t have enough yellow paper, so we’ll have to make do with white.
  2. She ran out of butter, so she made do with oil for the recipes.

Be in the same boat: be in the same situation as someone else

  1. They are both engineers who worked for start-up companies and then left to starttheir own companies. They are in the same boat.
  2. Both women have just had their first babies. They are in the same boat.

A game plan: a strategy or an organized approach to achieve a goal

  1. To get this done, we’ll need a really good game plan.
  2. We need to come up with a game plan to meet our goals.

Interface with someone/something: communicate or interact with someone or something.

  1. Her new job requires her to interface with the customers every day.
  2. The network here no longer interfaces well with the one overseas.

Give someone the runaround: not answer a question or request; send a person somewhere else for an answer

  1. She always gives me the runaround when I ask her out. Do you think she’s not interested?
  2. I could tell she didn’t want to answer the question. She just gave me the runaround.

Be in the loop/be out of the loop: be included in the communication/not be included in the communication

  1. Please send her copies of the e-mail about this so she is in the loop about this new project.
  2. I haven’t received any information on this project. I am out of the loop on this.

Eyeball it: estimate or guess based on a quick glance

  1. I don’t have a measuring tape, so I’ll just have to eyeball it.
  2. I don’t have time to look at your proposal very carefully. Is it okay if I just eyeball it?

In the red/ in the black: in debt/ not in debt

  1. That company is in the red. They may go bankrupt if they keep losing money.
  2. One more successful business venture should put us back in the black.

Bricks and mortar: a business with a physical building where goods are bought and sold, as opposed to an Internet-based business, which sells products over the World Wide Web

  1. We’re a bricks-and-mortar We still have a retail building where we sell our products.
  2. Bricks-and-mortar businesses in our town are facing competition from Internet- based companies.

Land on one’s feet: recover from a problem or difficult challenge

  1. His company outsourced his job, but he landed on his feet because he found a new position in another department.
  2. She managed to land on her feet when she made a career change; in fact, her salary is still rising.

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