Ielts writing task 2 (5.3.2016): Dàn ý chi tiết

Outline for ielts writing task 2

TopicIn recent years, the family structure has changed, as well as family roles. Why are these changes happening? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

➢ Outline:


– Background statement: the concept of family has changed a great deal over the past decades

– Thesis statement: these changes can be attributed to many reasons and are bringing about both pleasant and unpleasant consequences to individuals and the society


Reasons for changes in family structure and family roles

– Individualism and sexual equality increasingly dominate people’s mindset and life style

+ rising divorce rate; gay marriages => more diversified types of family (single-parent, blended, etc.)

+ children’s freedom and opinions are respected => parents’ authority shrinks

+ nuclear family becomes prevalent

+ husband and wife have the equal right and responsibility

Impacts of the trends:

positive effects:

+ Children are better educated in terms of responsibility and independence

+ Many family conflicts are better solved (no domineering husbands or parents; good mutual understanding and respect)

negative effects:

+ deteriorating family bonding and values

+ emotionally deficient children due to parents’ divorce

+ ignorance of and disrespect for valuable traditions and customs


– The dramatic shift in family pattern is inevitable thanks to some afore-mentioned social factors.

– While generating some significant outcomes, these changes can also be harmful not only for the family but for the community as well.

– It’s everyone’s responsibility to cherish and preserve endangered family values.

Useful vocabulary:

– Be attributed to/ originate from/ derive from/ can be explained by

– On the upside… on the downside, / on the one hand… on the other hand

– Pros and cons/ benefits and drawbacks/ merits and demerits/ bonuses and minuses

– Treasure/ cherish + family values/ beliefs/ principles

– Family tie/ family bonding/ the connection among members

– Emotionally deficient children/ disrupted children

– Parents’ authority/ power + shrink/ decline

– Heart-to-heart talks

– Mutual understanding and respect


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