Ielts writing task 2 (27.02.2016): Dàn ý chi tiết

Outline for ielts writing task 2

Ielts writing task 2

More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time in communities in poorer countries doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses. Why? Who benefit more from this, the community or these young people?


– By taking part in voluntary activities in impoverished countries, young people can broaden their knowledge and gain first-hand experience of the world of work (e.g. career experience, valuable job skills).

– Volunteering helps young people make new friends in foreign countries => increase social and relationship skills.

– Doing voluntary work is good for the mind and body of young people (e.g. increase self-confidence, have a sense of purpose, stay physically healthy).

The community of underprivileged countries and these young people enjoy equal benefits from volunteering.

– It is obvious that needy people in these countries can benefit greatly from voluntary work (e.g. children will be educated, poor family will have a house to live in, etc.).

– Young people doing unpaid work can strengthen the community (e.g. people’s lives are improved, neighbors have stronger connection to one another).

– In return, volunteering brings happiness and fulfillment to young people’s lives (e.g. explore interests and passions, escape from their daily routines, renew creativity and motivation).

Bạn đang ôn luyện ielts, không biết nhờ ai sửa bài viết, bạn có thể gởi bài viết để Homeschooling sửa 1 cách chi tiết giúp bạn bằng cách comment bài viết của bạn vào bên dưới.

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