Outlines for writing task 2

Brainstorming for Ielts Writing task 2 – 12.12.2015

Outline for ielts writing task 2

Đề ielts writing task 2 ngày 12.12.2015 và dàn ý chi tiết. Trung tâm luôn cập nhật đề thi ielts writing task 2 hàng tháng, mời các bạn theo dõi, và lưu lại, tự mình rèn luyện nhé.

TOPIC: People who live in foreign countries should follow the traditions and customs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  • Agree:
  • Emigrants should show respect and appreciation towards the cultural heritage of the country they are living in because every nation has its own distinctive features. (give examples or further explanations)
  • Expatriates living in another country will adapt to new circumstances more easily by following the local traditions and customs, instead of going against them. (‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’)
  • People who live in foreign countries will feel more comfortable with the local inhabitants and avoid unnecessary conflicts if they respect national traditions => more likely to receive friendly welcome and support from native dwellers
  • Disagree:
  • Each and every country should be open-minded and accept cultural differences among various ethnic groups => let foreigners continue their own traditions instead of making them submit to native ones
  • Emigrants preserving their cultural heritage may contribute to the ethnic diversity of the country they are living in => local inhabitants have the opportunity to learn about new cultures
  • Immigrants dwelling in another country usually live in groups => cherishing their own cultural traditions is a way to educate their children and support their compatriots thủ thật máy tính bảng surface pro


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